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party and play meth and sex PNP

Urban Dictionary: party and play:

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(PAR-tee and play) verb. gayspeak word used in reference to getting high on methamphetamine and having sex. the anagram for party and play is p n' p or p and p
Tod: "Hey Ted! I got a teener. Let's call Tad and Tim and see if they wanna party and play this weekend."
Ted: "Ok Tod...but we BOTH know that Tim always getscrystal dick."
Tod: "Doesn't bother me cause I want Tad to plow me."
Ted: "Great! I'll do Tim." and play48 up25 down
Engaging in sexual activities while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, usually hard drugs. Term is most often used in the gay community and often suggests multiple partners.
"I was so exhausted after a weekend of party and play that I slept for 18 hours." or "Jason and Michael were wise to use protection while they party and played."
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Sexual attraction to members of the same sex. (See GAY)
Sexually tense; In need of sexual pleasure.
Refers to a man with a large penis.
Height-Weight Proportionate; Someone who is at their ideal body weight.
Swinging activities in general
Seeks a swinging relationship that includes emotional and recreational values.
In Real Life; Used in ads or online chat
In Search Of; Used in ads; MWC ISO Single Female
A fetish; Sexual stimulation through the wearing or touching of leather or leather garments.
A woman sexually and emotionally attracted to other women. (see GAY)
Long Term Relationship
Dildos, vibrators, and other devices used for sexual pleasure of self and others.
Sexual gratification through receiving pain and humiliation from others.
Participants in a bondage and discipline sexual relationship. (see B&D, BONDAGE, DISCIPLINE)
Room set aside for group sex. Principally an eastern US term (see GROUP ROOM).
Will meet for swinging sex; no pretense for social or emotional interaction not directly related to sexual activity.
Three people, two of one sex, one of the opposite sex in a swinging interaction. (see THREESOME, TRIAD)
More than three people in a swinging interaction. (see GROUP SEX)
Married Black Couple
Married Bisexual Couple
Married White Couple
The North American Swing Club Association. An association of swing clubs and magazines to promote swinging as the viable and beneficial lifestyle it has become. Levels of members: Affiliate Club, General, Associate and Institutional for swing clubs and magazines, general swinging community, media and institutions of learning and research.
New people in swinging; First-timers.
Does not smoke. If used in personal ad means only those who do not smoke are sought for swinging purposes.
No swinging takes place at the club or party; you meet and make your own arrangements. Great for newcomers.
A couple swinging with another couple in the same room; Several or all participating couples together in the same room. A minimum of privacy.
Sexual interaction among several men and women in the same room; Complete absence of inhibition in everyone taking part; group sex.
Gathering of three or more people of both sexes for swinging.
Clothing particularly adapted for swing party wear, Includes wear to the party and wear to change into during the party. The latter includes robes, lingerie, terry cloth wrap-arounds and other simple wear that is easily removed, shows the wearer to best advantage and often makes selected parts of the body easily available for erotic courting and play.
A non-membership swing club offering a regular schedule of on-premise swing parties.
Quiet, submissive non-contributor, willing to receive corrective training. Docile and submissive in swinging. (see DISCIPLINE)
Interested in exchange of nude or sexually explicit photos of self with similar photos of others.
Interested in exchange and/or making of nude or sexually explicit photographs, color slides or movies with similar photographs, slides or movies of others; interested in meeting with others for the making of these photographs.
Photo and phone number (used in personal ads).
Professional; i.e. prostitutes or paid escorts.
A person who practices swinging primary as a recreational diversion; not interested in forming any long term friendship or emotional attachment.
Mild bondage used in sexual fantasy enactments.
Group sex, orgies, the party scene, etc (see ROMAN CULTURE)
Sexual orgies
Condom means of contraception; sexual stimulation through the look, feel and smell of rubber, usually associated with B&D.
Used to describe a person who cannot conceive or impregnate; a man who has had a vasectomy; Naturally or surgically sterile.
Self-addressed stamped envelope.
Single Black Female
Single Bisexual Female
Single Black Male
(see SINGLE)
S&M or S/M
Sadism and Masochism (see SADISM, MASOCHISM)
A swinger without a partner, does not refer to marital status.
A party, dance or other gathering usually sponsored by a swing club or magazine, for swingers to meet and socialize. There is no swinging at a social, but privately arranged swinging may follow a social.
A swing club, generally private membership that offers social and swinging activities including a regular schedule of on-premise swing parties. They may also offer educational and travel activities. Usually there is a membership fee and either party fees, party donations or a regular maintenance fee or dues. Party attendance may be restricted to couples though the marital status of the couple is rarely important.
Non-coital, especially anal or oral, copulation with either an opposite sex or same sex partner.
Couples who only have intercourse with their own partner. No swapping for intercourse.
The term used to describe same-room sex, watching/being watched, or any sexual encounter up to, but not including intercourse, with someone other than your spouse. The first experience for many couples some type of soft-swinging. (see HARD SWINGING, HARD CORE).
Same Room Sex (see SOFT SWINGING).
Sexually Transmitted Disease. A term developed in the late 1970's to replace VD as the latter carried social and moral implications in the minds of many. These social and moral implications interfered with the legitimate treatment of sexually transmitted diseases as a medical problem.
Any person who is not interested in engaging in homosexual activity or A person who does not use drugs; also used by swingers to denote non-swinging people.

Any person who is not interested in engaging in homosexual activity or A person who does not use drugs; also used by swingers to denote non-swinging people.
Passive, wishes to be dominated (see Passive)
Two couples exchanging partners for sexual activity.
Use of the hands especially in massage to sexually stimulate another
Single White Female
A periodical catering to the swinging community. Usually carries personal ads of people wishing to meet others for swinging purposes. May also publish articles of general interest to the swinging community.
An alternative lifestyle for consenting adults who enjoy social, recreational sexual activities with others, most often on a couple-to-couple basis, with full knowledge and mutual consent of both partners; single men and women are sometimes involved.
Style of living with swinging a major component in recreation, choice of friends, business and social life, and intimate relationships.
Marriage incorporating swinging and often, humanistic ideals.
Single White Male
Tested Antibody Negative for HIV virus(AIDS)
Three people, two of one sex and one of the other in a swinging encounter. (see Menage a Trois)
A person, usually a woman, brought to a swing party solely to enable the male to gain entrance. The ticket generally has no intention to swing or is not free to swing.
Sexual aids (see MARITAL AIDS)
Individual who has undergone conversion from one gender to another through surgery and hormone treatments; or one who is in the process of gender conversion
A person who receives sexual gratification by wearing clothes identified with the opposite sex; not necessarily homosexual.
Three people, two of one sex and one of the other in a continuing relationship of emotional and sexual involvement. Not the same as a threesome.
Used in personal ads to indicate desire for "threesomes". This is a common but confusing usage (see TRIAD)
Surgical procedure of cutting and tying the fallopian tubes to make a woman infertile. Also called a Band Aid Operation in reference to the small incision made just below the navel to enable the cutting and ligation.
A person who practices swinging as a total lifestyle with humanistic ideals.
Surgical procedure of cutting and tying the vas deferens to artificially sterilize a male
Bisexual. (see AC/DC)
Electrically run vibrating device for stimulation of the vagina by insertion or holding to outer lips, clitoris, breasts and the male penis. Some vibrators are penile shaped and are run by batteries while more expensive ones are for surface use and are run by an AC motor from a typical wall outlet. Vibrators are used by both men and women for self-stimulation and to sexually please another.
Fullness of beauty and form; usually used to refer to a woman with large well-formed breasts; may also refer to full but well formed hips.
A person who enjoys watching others in sexual acts
Sexual gratification by watching or peeping at others engaged in sexual activity.
Those people interested in activities usually considered by the majority to be bizarre, kinky, unusual, or unconventional


Besides the inherent risks involved with drug use, health officials have found a strong correlation between drug use and unsafe sex practices.[5]
As such, PNP practices are cited as the cause of rising HIVrates in the gay and bisexual male community and other men who have sex with men.[6] San Francisco's STOP Aids Project and the Mayor of San Francisco's Crystal Meth Task Force have reduced methamphetamine use from 18% in 2003 to 10% in 2005 of gay and bisexual San Franciscans PNPing. The STOP AIDS Project has been heavily involved due to the common link between methamphetamine use and sex—PNPing.[citation needed]
The same drug-induced loss of inhibitions makes PNP enthusiasts more vulnerable to more immediate threats, such as robberydate rape, or assault by someone whom they meet for sex.[citation needed]


Men who PNP with methamphetamine, cocaine, MDMA, andketamine are twice as likely to bareback (have unprotected sex, meaning sex without using a condom), according to British research. The study also found that up to 20% of gay men from central London gyms have tried methamphetamine, the drug most associated with PNPing.[7]

[edit]Club culture

The term party and play - and pay has emerged as a warning that Partying and Playing leads to bareback sex which increases the chances of contracting HIV and may result in other consequences such as neurological damage[8] and resistance to HIV drugs[citation needed].
"We're seeing a strong correlation between crystal and HIV infection" -Pride Institute of New York
Methamphetamine can cause sores and abrasions in the mouth which can turn typically low HIV risk sex acts such as oral sex into very high risk sexual activity and transmit HIV.[9]

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  1. a b
  2. ^ While the term PNP almost certainly has its origins in the specific subculture of methamphetamine users, and is without doubt most associated with its use, people have been quick to generalize it to include partying with other drugs thought to intensify sexual experiences, especially ecstasyGHB, and cocaine. This article in the New York Times describes PNP as simply "shorthand for sex with drugs." This GBLT glossary notes that PNP is a term "denoting that someone wants to combine sex with use of drugs such as methamphetamines,[ sic ] etc." This list of gay slang says PNP is "an interest for casual sex that includes hard drugs such as ecstasy". A glossary of drug-related terms produced by the United States Department of Health and Human Services defines PNP as "Methamphetamine used in combination with MDMA (methylenedioxymethamphetamine) and Viagra". The San Francisco Department of Public Health defines it as "a way to describe men who like to use crystal methamphetamine during sex." in its FAQ section [1]. Finally, this report from the National HIV Prevention Conference (a collaborative effort by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a U.S. Government agency, and other governmental and non-government organizations) describes PNP as "sexual behavior under the influence of crystal meth or other 'party' drugs." Many sources mention only methamphetamine; although the origin of the term leans towards only including methamphetamine, this is inaccurately prescriptive since the term has come into use for other drugs or combinations. See also Urban Dictionary for a continually-changing discussion of the term PNP.
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Party and play

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Methamphetamine is the drug most associated with the term "party and play".
Party and play (PNP or PnP), also known as a chemical sessionchem session, or simply as partying, is a phenomenon and subcultureof recreational drug users who engage in sexual activities with one another, either one-on-one or in groups.[citation needed]
The term is often but not always used by and associated with homosexuals[1] and men who have sex with men (MSM). The drug of choice is typically methamphetamine, known as crystal or tina in the gay community. Other "party drugs" such as MDMA and GHBare less associated with this term.[2] It has been called both an "epidemic" and "plague" in the gay community.[1]



anyway guess what I had tonight :D .. future of the West Coast! 
 Had no idea what P&P was, so I looked it up

1.    P&P
(verb) to "Party & Play". Term seems to originate from Craigslist and/or other personal ads where the poster of the ad is in search of someone to Party (Do drugs. Usually Crystal Meth.) and Play (Engage in sex acts or intercourse.) with, just for the day/night. This term seems to be most prevalent among homosexual men.

Sometimes you are attracted to people without even thinking about it. When people say they aren't into the bad boy type or pretty boy type, they are still into something. A good number of the serial killers out there are just normal and nice looking people.

Home Made Brazil Tubes - 1892 Movies
27:38. tube8. Download · Brazil couple caught... 16:52. xhamster. Download · Brazilian Carnival. 22:16. tube8. Download ... 18:05. tube8.

 Let's face it folks. We now have a situation on our hands where the police have special units now to do nothing but focus on internet sex crimes. A lot of lonely people are going to become victims inviting what they think is Francois Sagat's clone over to their house only to discover they have allowed the worst nightmare of their life into their home.

Sexual and freaky but they seem ...bored?
Oh and I have had one very bad A4A hookup. I learned my lesson and am very grateful to have my health and life! This was some years ago but I cannot emphasize enough to please be CAREFUL when you play. And please be wary of these party favors boyz!!
I agree that the murder is an awful tragedy. My heart goes out to the victim's family. Many respondents here have also made some good observations.
What follows is a post from another blog regarding this tragedy that, in my opinion, warrants repeating since it puts flesh on the often elusive figure, "Missed Common Sense".
Note: The post is a little long.
Nereyev wrote:

1. Don't treat other guys like pieces of meat. Spend some time (preferably, a couple of days) with them before going to bed. Go to movies, go out to dinner, take a walk in the park...

2. Pay attention to what the guy says: if all he is interested in is how much you earn, where you work, how much your apartment cost, what is your salary, etc. instead of asking you what you like in a guy or what movies you have seen recently - be extra cautious.

3. Make sure that the guy you are inviting home is not physically stronger than yourself.

4. Make sure the guy doesn't have an empty backpack or a bag with him. That would indicate that he wants to rob you.

5. Make sure that you have the guys's phone number and spoke to him after calling that number. Write down the number and hide it from him.

6. If you are a middle-aged average looking guy and some young, muscular, extremely attractive guy is passionately interested in you - be doubtful. If it's too good to be true, its too good to be true.

7. Hide all the knives, ropes and other things that an invited stranger can use to hurt you.

8. If you are under physical attack in your own home - make as much noise as possible to alarm neighbors or throw a chair into the window: better to break up a window than to end up dead. Robbers and killers are afraid of noise.

9. Don't drink alcohol, water or anything that can be tampered with while you are in a bathroom. Don't use drugs during an encounter. Don't show any money or valuables to the guest. Don't let him tie you up or put handcuffs on you, even as a joke.

10. If the guy doesn't seem to be horny and doesn't have an erection at any point - he might be a straight guy wanting to murder or to rob you.

11. If the guy has tattoos that don't seem to be decorative but rather symbolic (gang-related) - be careful.

12. If the guy is more interested in your furniture, paintings, valuables, etc. instead of looking mostly at you - be alarmed.

Should I go on?
13. If the guy came in his own car, search the trunk to see if he has any duct tape, rope, surgical tools, or guns in there. He could be planning some extracirricular activities.
14. Carry a .357 Magnum in your waistband just in case. If he notices a bulge in your pants, just tell him that you are excited to see him.
15. Trust your instincts. If you get a bad vibe from him, walk away. Don't let good looks or a hot body block what you are feeling. There's always another dude out there.
Ok..We get it..Be careful..
The cyber trail continues to grow behind Alexys Fermaintt, the 30-year-old Bronx manaccused of robbing and killing Michael Pecora, a 38-year-old gay man he allegedly met over the Internet. Fermaintt wasapprehended over the weekend in Massachusetts. Reports mention "having seen the victim's regular postings in the Craigslist's M4M section" and the alleged killer posted nearly nude NC-17 videos and pics to YouTube and MySpace as Rican2Crave.
Two Rod 2.0 regulars have additional and more disturbing sightings. Dave in Amityville, Long Island writes: "After reading your post about Fermaintt, I got to thinking ... this dude looked really familiar. But wasn't sure where I've seen him. So after doing a little searching, I realized I've seen him on tube8. This dude was whacking off with some other dudes [and] out of control." Dave adds this warning: "Although he looks in his pictures very clean cut, clearly he dabbled in destructive behavior."
A number of screen captures have been taken from the amateur PNP sex video uploaded by "Crave", a play on the Rican2Crave screen name. Given the circumstances and the homicide investigation the tape may be pulled.

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