Wednesday, May 22, 2013

AGGRESSION - WAR - natural killers in your unit - complete

AGGRESSION - WAR - natural killers in your unit - complete:

'via Blog this'Soldiers can be conditioned individually and collectively to pull the trigger. Individual conditioning includes gunnery and rifle ranges where pop-up human shaped targets are rapidly engaged without thought. The trigger-pull response becomes automatic. Close supervision also affects firing rates. Men pull the trigger more frequently under supervision or in groups, hence a higher ratio of firing among key weapons. Artillery, the greatest killer on the battlefield, has always killed in teams. We indirectlycondition soldiers to kill by training them as killing teams. Recognizing that men had to be conditioned to fire, the Army changed its training programs after World War II, and firing rates during the Korean War rose to 55 percent.4 This figure reached 95 percent during the Vietnam War.Soldiers can be taught to pull the trigger, but that does not guarantee that the bullet will find the target.

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