Monday, June 3, 2013

What Teenscreen doesn’t want you to know about parental consent

Idaho Observer: What Teenscreen doesn’t want you to know about parental consent:

'via Blog this'Call your local school board or high school today. Find out if they have used or are even considering TeenScreen. If they are, make a formal, written request for records and find out if they are providing full informed consent in accordance with the law. Demand that your rights be protected. Write letters to the school and the school board, show up at meetings and speak up for parental rights, inform and organize your friends to do the same. Demand full informed consent, always. It is the only way to protect the rights of parents.
It is TeenScreen’s responsibility to protect parental rights yet its personnel are not doing it. The government makes laws to protect the public from having their rights trampled but so far laws have had little effect on TeenScreen’s operation. Only a concerted, grass-roots effort can restore and protect parental rights. Your voice is needed. Now.

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