Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LSD - the case for legal change

LSD - the case for legal change:

'via Blog this'The prohibition of LSD cannot be justified on health grounds. It has extremely low toxicity and no addictive potential. Although its use clearly entails some risk it is far less hazardous than tobacco and alcohol, which are promoted around the world by big business with the support of corrupt western governments. In the UK tobacco accounts for 114,000 fatalities each year and alcohol 40,000. Alcohol is also a factor in many road accidents and acts of violence and in high doses causes progressive damage to the liver and brain, as well as damage to the unborn through fetal alcohol syndrome. It is the most widely abused drug in western society. Although I enjoy a beer or malt whisky myself I think a strong case could be made for a ban on the advertising and promotion of alcohol. As testament to its virtues one only has to read the weekly newspaper accounts of drunken brawls, observe the beggars in every town and city, and regard the accumulation of broken bottles and cans that blight our public spaces. (LSD and peyote have been used efficaciously in the treatment of alcoholism and other addictions 

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