Sunday, April 14, 2013

Louisiana Cops Arrest Man for Video Recording Them in Public | PINAC

Louisiana Cops Arrest Man for Video Recording Them in Public | PINAC:

'via Blog this'He said ever since that incident, he’s been pulling over and video recording traffic stops as a third-party witness, which we know police can’t stand.
It starts off with an officer with a flashlight walking up towards him accusing him of interfering with the investigation, threatening to confiscate his phone as “evidence.”
Then they tried to nab him for refusing to provide identification, even though he wasn’t driving nor was he doing anything that gave the cop a reasonable suspicion that he had committed a crime. He had also stated his full name which was Alexander John with what sounds like a Cajun surname that I don’t know how to spell based on his pronunciation (I’m sure someone will clarify this part).
But he ended up handing over the identification “under duress.”
They also threatened him with loitering.
Finally they just came out and demanded to know why he was recording, claiming that it unsettled them because he may know the suspect, asking him if he felt if he was a “self-appointed witness” to whatever investigation they were conducting.
When he said he was simply an activist, they arrested him, even going through the farce of reading him his rights.

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