Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Torturer's Tale - Iraq - YouTube

A Torturer's Tale - Iraq - YouTube:

'via Blog this', 2007
March 2006
As guards at Abu Ghraib, Javal Davis and Ken Davis witnessed or participated in the abuse of prisoners. They feel betrayed by their superiors and tell their side of the story.

In the eyes of much of the world, Javal Davis is a torturer. He was imprisoned for assaulting prisoners at Abu Ghraib but says we shouldn't judge him. "Unless you were there, stay open about drawing an opinion." Davis claims he was ordered to 'prepare' the prisoners for interrogation by military intelligence. "We'd be given lists of instructions -- this guy can sleep up to two hours, sleep for 15 mins." Unlike Javal, guard Ken Davis was never implicated in the abuse. He reported it to his superiors in December 2003 and tried to get it stopped. But he's also bitter about his experiences at Abu Ghraib and believes the torture was ordered from the very top. "Charles Graner came to me and told me that they were making him do things he felt were morally and legally wrong." The men feel deeply disillusioned by their treatment by superior officers. As Javal explains: "They stabbed me in the back. They stabbed a whole lot of soldiers in the back and left them out there to dry."

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